Thursday, December 24, 2009

Inside Story - The world has failed Gaza: Report

Inside Story - The world has failed Gaza.

Israeli policy and global inaction are directly responsible for poverty in the Gaza strip, according to a new report from sixteen humanitarian and human rights groups. The report urges the EU to suspend relations with israel unless they stop the blockade, that it claims has impaired reconstruction and sharply increased poverty. Inside story, with guests discusses the details.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


HOMELESS IN GAZA: Edited for CNN by Daniella Nowitz

HOMELESS IN GAZA: Edited for CNN from Daniella Nowitz on Vimeo.

Remembering one year since the massacre

One year ago, Israel launched 'Operation Cast Lead' - intense and unprecedented attacks on the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip. The war crimes of this assault are part of a wider context: the continuing illegal blockade as well as Israel's apartheid system of control of the Palestinians. Learn the facts - then act.


Ewa Jasiewicz was a witness to the horrors in Gaza before and after Israels brutal massacres in December and January during Israel's Operation Cast Lead.
Listen to her eloquent speech in Berlin, Germany and watch the images taken by volunteers in Gaza during Israel's brutal assault.
If you are interested in a speaker from Free Gaza, please go to and you will find several speakers there who would be happy to come and speak.

Images of Ewa speech : Doris and Björn, German Palestine Solidarity Organization

Footage by :
Volunteers of ISM GAZA
Alberto Arce
Ramattan Video Studios Gaza
Al Jazeera

Images of prisoners:

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Press TV/News Analysis/Egypts Gaza wall( Press TV)

Egyptian & Israeli Blockade plunges Gaza into darkness (By sandjaq)

Egyptian are building another wall in the border between Gaza and Egypt to strangle more the Palestinians and the only food resource they can have to survive and this is crime against humanity.