Sunday, January 20, 2008


Tragedy and the loaf of bread

Ahmed with his new hope with a simple project.

These swings were in our house store , and these swings were not used or investor . During this situation , I had an idea to use them to have our living, and you can see the children are very happy. If the situation changed and siege, I will develop this idea and these swings, under the siege I did not have any income and I barely get a loaf of bread for me and my family, I considered this idea and this project a gift from God to me and my family, and the children here, I did not work , and I stopped for a period of ten days, when children started their exams at schools to not affect them and their studies .

I am talking about the siege to say: its a slow death to Palestinian people

I'm a father 38 years old, the effects of the blockade was comprehensive and strict. Effects on children studies, and crossings, and what to say? Presidents are those who have experience in these things more than me saying. But I live this tragedy every day. I wish from the people in the world look at Palestinians, and the workers who do not get any salaries now, and who do not work , my idea is very distinctive but not enough to support whole family, we are powerless, and underdogs .In the siege , I and my family eat one meal daily as a result to keep up with this situation , and thanks God for this idea, which was welcomed and accepted from children and their families .

This project is simple if it compared with being without work , there are more than 70% of these children are unable to pay for the games , due to the exorbitant cost of living , my tragedy is that im saving money for a week to buy sack of flour, but I have not completed the amount to buy the flour sack or the cost of living, and now we hear that the crossings will be closed permanently . if thorn in xxxx dog leg, xxx will not sleep until his dog becomes safe ,but if rocket in Palestinian child leg xxx will be very sad and will not sleep his night to think why this rocket is not in his head. and he will say Israel is very kind because of this kind rocket made in USA.

These are children????

Amal : 10 years old ( Amal means Hope)
I hope that life will become sweet some day , and the workers return to their work , I hope to go on trip to visit Gaza and the sea
Mohammed : 12 years old

I hope the crossings open , the end of siege , live in stability and peace , and I hope this wall fall down

Fatema : 9 years old
I hope to live safely , not lose more houses, play happy and safe as we were
. the wall fall down because we are bored with this life and I hope to see the Egyptian children and play with them, talk to them , we want to go out , have fun, visit Egypt and other countries .
Yassmen : 10 years old
I hope this siege ends , I hope from the people out to help the poor here who are in need
Yahea : 9 years old
I hope to go to Jerusalem, hope we have a big zoo and playground to play in it and go to have fun there.